Accurate Wire now has In-Line Eddy Current Inspection capabilities for critical round and shaped wire applications. These non-destructive testing systems allow us to 100% inspect the wire, enabling us to locate and remove defect areas.

This testing is accomplished by passing the wire through a non-contact test coil. Voids, seams, inclusions, surface damage, and other defects cause an obstruction of eddy currents generated by the excitation coil. The receiver coil detects these obstructions and a corresponding flaw signal is generated on the instrument. Depending on the severity of the signal, we can program the instrument to shut the line down to remove the defect area, or continue production.

Occasional defects are an inherent part of rod casting and wire production. Visually inspecting the ends of coils and reels will not remove the isolated defects that DO exist in wire. Accurate Wire's use of eddy current inspection will detect and remove defects that would otherwise lead to failures in the final product. The following photos show some examples of isolated defects found in otherwise high quality wire.


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