Wiredrawing Machines
Our Wiredrawing machines are used to draw large gauge raw material to the various ready to finish round wire sizes. This process is done by elongating the wire by drawing through conical shaped dies. The specific breakdown wire size needed for an application depends on the customer specified finish size and temper.
Strand Annealing
Strand Annealing is used to soften the wire following the Wiredrawing operation. Strands of wire are run through the annealing furnace at specific temperatures and speeds. Precise control over temperature and speed ensure uniform mechanical properties.
Rolling Mill
A Rolling Mill is used to manufacture flat and special shaped wire. Rolling Mill machines utilize multiple stands of motor driven rolls, one on the top and another on the bottom. Rolling Mills are typically used when making flat wire with large width to thickness ratios.
A Turkshead is used to manufacture square, flat, and special shaped wire. Our Turkshead machines utilize a motor driven capstan that pulls the wire through four, non-powered rolls. Due to the use of precision bearings, Turksheads can hold very tight tolerances.
Our spoolers incorporate high technology electronic controls that ensure very accurate and repeatable spooling. The end result is trouble free payoff into our customers’ production lines.

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